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Nashville Welfare Fraud Attorney and Nashville Federal Welfare Fraud Defense Attorney

Many people place a great deal of importance on caring for their family and ensuring that all of their needs are met. Government assistance programs, often referred to as welfare programs, are put in place to assist families. In Nashville, Tennessee, this includes programs for child support and nutrition support.

The process of applying for and receiving these benefits can be challenging, but it is necessary if your family needs support. In some cases, however, laws surrounding benefits are confusing, and many people inadvertently break the law by just trying to feed their family. This is considered welfare fraud and is often prosecuted on the federal level. If you are facing welfare fraud charges, Patrick McNally can help. With over thirty-five years’ experience, he will provide you with the aggressive and tenacious defense you deserve.

Nashville Welfare Fraud Attorney and Nashville Federal Welfare Fraud Defense Attorney

The Basics of Welfare in Tennessee

What Is Considered Welfare Fraud?

Committing fraud is not always an intentional or malicious act, though some people do intentionally misuse the system. To avoid welfare fraud or have an idea of why you are facing criminal fraud charges, it is important to understand what things are considered fraud where government programs are concerned.

  • Providing False Information. There is a strenuous application process that must be completed before a family can qualify for government assistance. This process often includes providing information about income, living expenses, and other necessary facts. If you intentionally provide false information on the application, that is considered fraud; you could face serious consequences if prosecuted.
  • Failure to Notify of Changes. Your living, financial, and personal circumstances will not always stay the same. You may get a new job, have to relocate to more affordable housing, or end a relationship that impacts a child support agreement. If you are part of a family assistance or child support program when any of these changes occur, you are required to inform the correct parties. Failing to do this could lead to fraud charges.
  • Misuse of Assistance. There are often restrictions placed on how assistance can be used, either at the state or federal level. For example, according to federal law, you cannot use an EBT card in a casino, liquor store, or venue for adult entertainment. If you are found misusing the assistance that you have been provided, then you may face federal fraud charges.

When you are familiar with what actions are considered welfare or benefits fraud, you will be able to avoid those actions. If, however, you find yourself facing fraud charges related to your government benefits, then it is in your interest to work with an accomplished criminal defense attorney during the fraud investigation. Patrick McNally can help you develop a tenacious defense and understand the consequences you may face if convicted.

Consequences for Committing Welfare Fraud

Fraud is considered a white collar crime because it typically does not involve violence. Despite its non-violent nature, being convicted of any type of fraud, including welfare fraud, can carry heavy consequences, including fines, time spent in jail, and loss of assistance. Being familiar with these consequences can be an encouragement to avoid fraudulent actions.

  • Criminal Sentencing. Fraud is always prosecuted as a crime, but you could also face charges of theft, forgery, or perjury. If you are convicted of criminal fraud charges, you will face sentencing once your case is ended. Since this is a criminal charge, the consequences will match that in severity. You could face jail time ranging from a year to life in prison, often depending on the dollar amount that was stolen or misused during the fraud.
  • Repayment. If you receive state or federal benefits through fraud of any kind, then you may be required to pay back the full amount that was misused or taken. These payments will be made to the government through a process that is referred to as restitution. If you fail to make the payments on time, then you could potentially face more time in jail or having your debt reported to a collector.
  • Benefits Disqualification. If you are convicted of fraud pertaining to state or federal government benefits, then you will likely be barred from receiving benefits in the future. This is not always a permanent ban, but you will be disqualified from receiving benefits for a set amount of time, which will be determined by the severity of the fraud.

Trust Patrick McNally for Your Welfare Fraud Defense

Facing criminal charges of any kind will have a significant impact on your life. If you are accused of committing welfare fraud, the consequences could include potential jail time, losing access to any government benefits, and having to pay restitution. When you are facing criminal fraud charges, you deserve an aggressive defense. With nearly forty years of experience, Patrick McNally will defend you with the aim of a beneficial outcome to your case. Contact the office today to get started. 

There are several programs available for families in Nashville, Tennessee who need additional assistance, including family services, rehabilitation programs, and child and community care. The family services available are often considered welfare programs and can help families with managing their finances, nutrition, and child welfare. There are three primary programs that fall under the category of Family Assistance and Child Support.

  • Child Support Program. This is a program that promotes responsibility among parents. This program can step in and provide assistance in circumstances where paternity needs to be established, child support orders need to be enforced, money needs to be collected for child or spousal support payments, and more. The goal of this program is to ensure that parents are meeting the financial needs of their children.
  • Families First Program. Also called Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), this program was created to develop the workforce and assist with employment. The goal of the program is to focus on growth through personal responsibility and help participants become self-sufficient. They will provide childcare, transportation, and cash assistance on a temporary basis to help participants achieve this.
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. Formerly referred to as food stamps, this program’s goal is to ensure that low-income families are able to eat a balanced and nutritious diet. The program provides additional funds each month for a family’s food budget to help them afford healthy food options.

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