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Do You Need A Lawyer For An Appeal In Tennessee Or Kentucky?

There are many things that can go wrong at trial. When that happens, don’t give up hope. There are actions you can take to give your case a second chance.

When you need advice about appealing your criminal conviction or sentence, you want to speak with an expert Tennessee and Kentucky appellate attorney who will review your case and explain your options.

Patrick McNally Will Fight To Protect Your Rights On Appeal

Patrick McNally has always emphasized criminal appeals as an essential aspect of his criminal defense services. With our extensive knowledge of both Tennessee and Kentucky criminal law, he can identify specific reversible errors at all stage of your case. Patrick works to demonstrate a ruling was contrary to established law, and show the mistake had a direct and prejudicial effect on your ability to present an effective defense. He also anticipated changes in prevailing law so you get the benefit of those changes on your appeal.

Areas that lead to a successful appeal are:

  • Evidence that shouldn’t have been allowed at trial,
  • Evidence that was wrongly kept out of the trial,
  • Application of the wrong law to your case,
  • Attorneys taking inappropriate actions,
  • Instructions that may have confused the jurors,
  • Sentencing not appropriate for the crime or contrary to the law.

Patrick has achieved favorable results for many of his clients in the Tennessee and Kentucky Court of Criminal Appeals, Tennessee Supreme Court and the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. You may see a list of Patrick’s reported appellate cases at Attorney Profile. Do not let the disappointment after losing at trial keep you from seeking your right to appeal the conviction and or sentence. Hire an experienced appellate attorney.

For A Profile Of Cases I Have Handled On Appeals See The Following:

  • State v. Readus, 764 S.W.2d 770 (Tennessee Criminal Court of Appeals 1988)
  • State v. Watkins, 804 S.W.2d 884 (Tennessee Supreme Court 1991)
  • State v. Black, 815 S.W.2d 166 (Tennessee Supreme Court 1991)
  • Commonwealth v. Morris, 766 S.W.2d 58 (Kentucky Supreme Court 1989)
  • State v. Mcleod, 937 S.W.2d 867 (Tennessee Supreme Court 1996)
  • U.S.A. v. Washington, 127 F.3d 510 (Sixth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals 1997)
  • Dunlap v. U.S., 250 F.3d 1001,Cert. Denied, 122 S.Ct. 649 (6th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals 2001)
  • State v. Chubb, 2007 WL 258429 (Tennessee Criminal Court of Appeals 2007)
  • Cyrus D. Wilson v. State, 367 S.W. 3d 229 (Tennessee Supreme Court 2012)
  • State v. Lowe-Kelley, 380 S.W. 3d 30 (Tennessee Supreme Court 2012)
  • Gardner v. State, 2013 WL 79402 (Tennessee Criminal Court of Appeals 2013
  • State Of Tennessee V. Adam Wayne Robinson, 2012-B-1876 (Tennessee Criminal Court of Appeals 2015)
  • State Of Tennessee V. Heng Lac Liu, 2008-D-3887 (Tennessee Criminal Court of Appeals 2015)

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