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Mail fraud is a serious crime that can lead to severe penalties, including heavy fines and many years in prison. If you or a loved one has been charged with any mail fraud in Nashville, TN, it’s possible that your case could unfold in federal court, depending on which agency handled your arrest and plans to pursue prosecution. Mail fraud also often relates to additional criminal charges. For example, many prosecutors pursue convictions for mail fraud in connection to broader criminal investigations for white-collar crimes, money laundering, and racketeering organizations.

Nashville Mail Fraud Lawyer

Defense Representation for Nashville Mail Fraud Cases

The right defense attorney can make a tremendous impact on the outcome of your mail fraud case in Nashville. Attorney Patrick McNally and his team at McNally Law can provide the comprehensive and aggressive defense counsel you need to navigate a complex mail fraud case. Our team has years of experience handling complex criminal cases on behalf of our Nashville-area clients, and we’re ready to put this experience to work in your mail fraud case.

Why Do I Need a Nashville Criminal Defence Lawyer for Mail Fraud?

The US Constitution guarantees certain rights to every American citizen when they are accused of criminal offenses. For example, the Fifth Amendment provides the right to remain silent and protection from self-incrimination. In addition, the Sixth Amendment provides the right to legal counsel, even to those who are unable or unwilling to pay a private defense attorney’s fee. Therefore, if you cannot pay for a private defense attorney or want to save money on legal fees for your mail fraud case, the court can appoint a public defender to your case free of charge. However, if you have the means to do so, hiring a private Nashville mail fraud attorney can provide you with a higher level of legal representation than even the best public defender can offer.

McNally Law takes time to get to know every client we represent to provide focused and detail-oriented defense representation. While most public defenders are capable and hardworking defense attorneys, they must manage multiple cases at a time and cannot provide any one client with much in the way of individual attention. Therefore, when you choose McNally Law as your Nashville mail fraud lawyer, you can expect close, personalized legal counsel from a highly experienced team of legal professionals who will guide you through every stage of your case with confidence.

Understanding Mail Fraud Charges in Nashville, TN

Mail fraud pertains to using the United States Postal Service or a third-party mail carrier like FedEx or UPS to conduct fraudulent activities. Some common examples of mail fraud that often lead to criminal cases include:

  • Stealing from someone else’s mailbox or using someone else’s mailing address to conduct criminal activities.
  • Sending fake invoices to intended fraud victims through the mail.
  • Using mail-based interstate communication to organize other criminal activity.
  • Using the mail to establish fake businesses or to falsify addresses.

This is not an exhaustive list of all the ways mail fraud can occur in the US. Additionally, it is vital to remember that mail fraud is often not charged by itself but rather in tandem with related charges. For example, suppose an individual uses bogus addresses to run a credit card scam. In that case, they may be charged with both mail fraud and wire fraud if they conducted any related activities electronically. Drug trafficking that uses mail service can also qualify for mail fraud charges and drug charges. If you are charged with mail fraud, your case likely entails additional charges, and the penalties you face if convicted are quite severe.

Potential Defenses Against Mail Fraud Charges

Fraud occurs when an individual knowingly engages in deceptive actions with the explicit intent of cheating someone else out of money or property. One of the most commonly cited defenses in mail fraud cases is the lack of intent to defraud. The prosecution has the burden of proving that the defendant not only committed mail fraud in some way but did so with the clear intent of depriving someone else of their property or money.

It’s also possible to defend against mail fraud charges if you are the victim of identity theft. For example, if another person used your personal information, including your mailing address, to engage in criminal activity, you could, unfortunately, face criminal prosecution for their actions. Again, your Nashville mail fraud attorney may help you compile a case that proves your victimization and places blame on the appropriate party.

Your defense attorney may also focus on the actions of the law enforcement agency that conducted your arrest and the prosecution’s actions to compile your defense. Police, federal agents, and prosecutors must abide by the due process laws in handling a criminal investigation. If the police illegally obtained evidence, falsified evidence, or violated your constitutional rights in any way, this could be a viable defense that leads to case dismissal. It’s also possible for your Nashville mail fraud attorney to identify procedural missteps by the prosecution, such as breaking the chain of custody required for maintaining admissible evidence.

Mail Fraud Attorney Nashville, TN

What to Expect From Defense Lawyers

If you face mail fraud charges in Nashville, TN, your defense attorney can be instrumental in preventing you from spending many years in jail. This is especially true if you are facing federal fraud charges. Using the US Postal Service to commit a crime or engaging in mail fraud to defraud a government agency or program can qualify for federal criminal charges. Federal cases typically involve more severe penalties than criminal cases prosecuted at the state level. The right attorney can potentially mean the difference between spending many years in prison and securing a case dismissal.

McNally Law can provide the comprehensive defense counsel you need in a complex mail fraud case. We understand the challenging legal questions these cases often raise and that your criminal case could be multifaceted and involve multiple charges. Rest assured that our team has the resources and experience you need to approach your mail fraud case with confidence. Time is a critical factor in any criminal case, so if you are ready to discuss your options for defense with an experienced Nashville mail fraud attorney, contact McNally Law today to schedule your consultation with our team.

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