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News & Articles

Former mentor wrongly convicted of sexual abuse reflects on the case and his future – Case Dropped
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Nashville Bar Association Announces Jack Norman, Sr. Award Recipient, Patrick T. McNally
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Allowing a Warrantless Search and Seizure
Talking With Jail Inmates About Your Case
Expungement Means No One Will Know
No One Can Look at My Legal Papers in Jail
Taking a Police Polygraph
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6 to 2 victory before the U.S. Supreme Court

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The United States Supreme Court granted cert.

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Prosecutor’s constitutionally forbidden outburst brings disciplinary charges
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Prosecutorial misconduct in closing arguments leads to new trial

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Supreme Court considers if a sock can lead to deportation

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Man accused of sexual battery gets new trial

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New TN drug pregnancy law condemned by civil liberties, health officials

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New Tennessee DUI laws may prove to be unenforceable

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