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Accusations of domestic violence can change your family and negatively impact your life in many ways. Domestic violence charges can be based on any act of violence committed by one person against another as long as they have some relationship. This can include violence from a spouse against a spouse, boyfriend against girlfriend or in other familial relationships.

The courts take domestic violence very seriously, and you should as well. As the founding partner of the Nashville law firm of Weatherly, McNally & Dixon, P.L.C., I understand the serious nature of your case. I have more than 35 years of experience defending Tennessee and Kentucky residents against some of the most serious criminal offenses, including all charges related to domestic violence. If you have been accused of this type of criminal behavior, I can provide the aggressive domestic violence defense counsel you need to protect your future and your freedom.

The Serious Nature Of Domestic Violence Charges

These charges can result in time behind bars, restraining orders and loss of reputation. You may also find that you lose access to your children and your right to possess a firearm.

I am prepared to build a strong defense on your behalf. You have the right to a presumption of innocence, and I will work with you to custom tailor a defense strategy for your benefit. Your future, your freedom and your best interests are at stake. I will help you fight for the best possible outcome to your case.

What If I Need To Seek A Restraining Order?

The intent of a restraining order is the protection of individuals who are experiencing abuse or harassment in any form. If you believe that you could benefit from a protective order, I can help. These measures can ensure that a specific person must not contact you in any way. I will help you seek the protection and security you need, petitioning the courts on your behalf and defending your interests.

Whether you need to protect yourself from domestic violence or you need to defend yourself from accusations of it, I will employ all of my resources for your benefit. You can learn more about your legal options by calling my office at 800-785-9546 or 615-200-9559 or filling out my online contact form to schedule a free initial case evaluation.

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