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Nashville Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Tennessee And Western Kentucky

As a partner at Weatherly, McNally & Dixon, P.L.C., in Nashville, I focus my practice in the area of criminal defense litigation and criminal justice matters. After my three-decade legal career, both as a public defender and in private practice, I know there is no such thing as a "minor" legal problem when a criminal investigation or formal charges are involved. Every municipal, state or federal criminal law matter is important and the outcome will have a serious impact on your future.

From wherever you are in Tennessee or western Kentucky, call my office at Weatherly, McNally & Dixon, P.L.C. I have extensive experience representing clients in criminal defense, appellate and post-conviction matters at the municipal, state and federal court levels.

My criminal trial experience includes:

Federal criminal offenses

  • Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) offenses
  • Welfare fraud
  • Medicare and Medicaid fraud, welfare fraud
  • Bank and mortgage fraud, embezzlement
  • Federal narcotics offenses, related conspiracy, money laundering offenses
  • Internet, mail and wire fraud
  • Bank robbery
  • Weapons charges, U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) violations

Sex offenses and child pornography

  • Sexual assault
  • Possession or distribution of illegal pornographic materials
  • Prostitution and solicitation of a prostitute
  • Indecent exposure and lewd acts
  • Sexual assault of a minor, "date rape"
  • Sex offender registry issues

DUI in Tennessee and western Kentucky

  • First-offense DUI

  • Multiple-offense DWI
  • DUI accident charges, vehicular assault, vehicular homicide
  • Driver's license suspensions
  • Refusal of Breathalyzer or blood test
  • Child endangerment, DUI with a minor in the car

Other state misdemeanors and felonies

  • Drug defense, possession and distribution, prescription fraud
  • Burglary, breaking and entering, criminal trespass
  • Armed robbery, assault with a weapon
  • Municipal and state weapons charges
  • Convicted felon in possession of a weapon
  • Shoplifting, theft, auto theft, possession of stolen property
  • Aggravated assault, manslaughter, murder and violent offenses

  • Domestic violence, restraining order violations, stalking

Campus crimes and college student criminal defense

College students away from home and living independently for the first time often make poor judgment calls or find themselves at the wrong place, at the wrong time and with the wrong people. If you are the parent of a college-aged student in Tennessee or western Kentucky, call my office at Weatherly, McNally & Dixon, P.L.C., in Nashville. I will work aggressively to help your child avoid a conviction and the harsh penalties that can ruin a promising future.

Appeals and post-conviction services

In addition to criminal defense, I also represent people seeking a state or federal court appeal or who need assistance with post-conviction legal matters related to probation, parole, sentence commutations and pardons.

Immigration Crimes

If you are an undocumented immigrant and have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense, you face possible removal. Call me for aggressive representation to help you avoid a deportable offense on your record.

I Will Never Accept A Case Until You Have Had A Free Consultation

Why do I offer a free consultation? Not every lawyer is right for every client. Before I accept a case, I want to make sure you approve of my strategies and approach to helping you get the best possible outcome. I take time to ensure that our goals will be aligned.

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My office hours are generally 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., but do not hesitate to call anytime to leave a message if I am not available. Call my toll-free number 800-785-9546, or use the convenient email contact form to request an initial free consultation. If your circumstances do not allow you to come to my office in Nashville, I can meet with you at your location.

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