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When are 3 times when you could have a case for ineffective counsel?


When are 3 times when you could have a case for ineffective counsel?

On behalf of Patrick T. McNally, Attorney at Law | 
August 12, 2020

When your attorney started talking in court, you could barely follow what he was trying to say. Later in the case, he made a mistake and was actually corrected by the judge.

You didn’t feel good about what you saw. Then, when a decision was made, you found out that you’d lost your case. You were sure it was a result of your attorney’s actions. How can you appeal, and is it worth appealing, for ineffective counsel? Here are three times when ineffective counsel might have been the problem (and could be good reason for an appeal).

Your attorney didn’t talk to you before making decisions

You may be able to file an appeal over ineffective counsel if you can show that your attorney did not talk to you before making decisions that affected your case. For example, if your attorney takes a plea deal without you agreeing to it, that could be a case of working with ineffective counsel.

Your attorney doesn’t have good communication

Another situation that could be considered one with ineffective counsel is if your attorney doesn’t communicate with you. If they miss deadlines, don’t ask for the right documents or simply don’t keep you updated, then they may be ineffective and could create a situation where you have a right to appeal the court’s decision.

Your attorney was unprofessional

Finally, if your attorney was unprofessional, such as making decisions for you, failing to communicate or not having the education needed to properly advocate for you, then you could have a right to appeal for ineffective counsel.

There are times when it’s appropriate to appeal, and these are some of them. Your new attorney can help you put together a strong appeal.

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