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Is marijuana legal in Tennessee?


Is marijuana legal in Tennessee?

On behalf of Patrick T. McNally, Attorney at Law | 
December 17, 2020

It feels, at times, like marijuana legislation is sweeping across the country. Colorado was one of the first states to legalize recreational use, but it has been followed by many other states. This seems to be a trend that could make its way everywhere.

For instance, the most recent approvals for recreational use came from South Dakota, New Jersey, Montana and Arizona. What was a huge media sensation when it happened in Colorado largely went overlooked this time. It is just becoming normal. Has this type of legalization happened in Tennessee?

No legal use

It has not. Tennessee still makes the use of recreational marijuana illegal. It does not matter where your home state is or where you purchased the marijuana. If you have it or use it in Tennessee, you’re breaking the law.

Interestingly, Tennessee bans more than just recreational use. Most states allow medical use, and the number that do not is now down to 14 out of 50 after Mississippi and South Dakota just approved it. However, Tennessee still does not have a medical marijuana program, so any and all use is illegal. There are no medical conditions that will help you skirt this law.

 After an arrest

Will these changes happen eventually? Perhaps, but it’s clear that Tennessee will be one of the last holdouts. If you get arrested for using marijuana, you could face stiff penalties. Even coming from a different state and claiming you got confused about the laws will not help. You need to understand all the legal defense options you have so that one visit doesn’t ruin your future.

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