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People tend to drink more and earlier when traveling 

Thinking of heading to Nashville for a vacation later this year? You probably don’t actively consider it in advance, but odds are you will drink more on your trip than you would at home. On top of that, you may start drinking earlier than you would otherwise. 

In one study, people who were traveling were asked about their drinking habits. A full 39% claimed they would begin drinking at an earlier-than-usual time of day. 

Why is it? There are a lot of potential reasons. The biggest one is that vacations are for relaxing and having fun. People tend to let their guard down and just have a good time. Drinking at noon may feel irresponsible at home, but it just feels different sitting by the hotel pool. 

Another reason is that those who are on vacation know they have fewer obligations. You don’t have to go to work tomorrow or mow the lawn or pay your bills. You can just pass the time doing whatever you want, on your schedule. For many, drinking earlier is just a part of this new and temporary freedom. 

When traveling, though, you also have to consider that getting a drink may require more driving. You head out to tourist attractions, bars, restaurants, concerts, and other such venues. Then you drive back to the hotel. It’s fundamentally different than just having a drink in the evening at your own home, and it can lead to DUI charges. 

If you do find yourself facing such charges after your trip to Nashville, make sure you know what legal steps you need to take