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Nashville Bar Association Announces Jack Norman, Sr. Award Recipient, Patrick T. McNally

The Nashville Bar Association is proud to announce Patrick T. McNally as the 2020 Jack Norman, Sr. Award recipient. He is a 1977 graduate of Wake Forest University and a 1982 graduate of the University of Tennessee College of Law and has been practicing criminal defense law ever since. Since 2010, he has practiced at Weatherly, McNally & Dixon.

McNally has been recognized for his efforts in representing the criminally accused and for his contributions to the improvement of the legal profession and criminal justice system when he received the Nashville Bar Association Assistance of Counsel Award, the Tennessee Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Capital Defense Award, and the Federal Criminal Justice Act Attorney of the Year recognition. A highlight of his career is the case of Jae Lee v. United States which culminated in a trip to the U. S. Supreme Court for McNally and a reversal of Mr. Lee’s drug conviction which kept him from being deported.

The Nashville Bar Association is pleased to honor Pat McNally with the Jack Norman, Sr. Award. Pat has dedicated his career to advocating for the rights of all individuals in the criminal justice system and this award recognizes his many contributions to the legal profession and the pursuit of justice. — Laura Baker, NBA President

The Jack Norman Sr. Award is given to criminal law practitioners—including specifically defense attorneys, prosecuting attorneys, and judges of courts with criminal jurisdiction—who practice before or serve as judges of courts exercising criminal jurisdiction located in the Metropolitan Nashville area. The award may be given posthumously and is not necessarily presented every year, but only when a deserving individual is to be recognized.

The Norman Award must be given to an attorney whose primary practice or service pertains to criminal law, demonstrates respect for the rights of all individuals in the criminal justice system, exhibits the trial advocacy skills or judicial skills necessary to the pursuit of justice, demonstrates an abiding respect for the law and legal profession, maintains highest standards of professional integrity and ethical conduct, and contributes to the improvement of the legal profession and criminal justice system—including but not limited to the provision of uncompensated or under-compensated representation of the accused.