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3 important aspects of requesting a pardon


3 important aspects of requesting a pardon

On behalf of Patrick T. McNally, Attorney at Law | 
August 30, 2019

If you have a criminal conviction that you simply do not agree with, then you may want to consider asking for a pardon. A pardon comes from the governor of Tennessee. It removes the criminal charge from your record so it is as if it never happened. This is the highest level of removing a criminal record, which also means it is very difficult to get.

You will find out throughout the application process that there are many rules about asking for a pardon. Even if you do everything right, the governor has the final say. However, by ensuring you have a complete and well written application, you may be able to convince the governor to give you the pardon. As mentioned, though, the process is not easy, so here are three things to keep in mind.

  1. You must provide all the required information

To request a pardon, according to the Tennessee State Government, you have to complete an application form and include with that application several pieces of information. This includes written statements from at least five people who can comment on compelling reasons as to why the governor should pardon you and that you are an exemplary citizen. If you fail to provide all the documents and information, the governor will probably deny your request.

  1. You must apply in time

Governors only serve for a specific amount of time. They do not know if they will be reelected, so they must complete all business, including pardons, before their time in office ends. You need to always check the end term of the current governor and make sure to apply in enough time to have your pardon considered.

  1. You have to meet the requirements

It is essential that you read through the requirements to get a pardon and make sure you qualify. There is no need to waste anyone’s time by requesting one if you do not meet the basic qualifications.

Keeping these three things in mind can help the application process go easier. While only the governor knows if you will receive a pardon, a solid application may really help sway his opinion.

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