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A DUI charge not only has an impact on your wallet, your driver's license and your criminal record, a conviction can also have a lasting negative impact on your reputation and professional career. If you have been arrested and charged, don't talk to a prosecutor until you get quality legal representation at your side.

I am criminal defense attorney Patrick T. McNally, a founding partner at Weatherly, McNally & Dixon, P.L.C. We are rated among Nashville's leading litigation firms. Our firm offers aggressive, effective representation, backed by the highest levels of client service. I will work directly with you throughout your case, to help you get the best possible outcome for your DUI charges.

Professional Licensure Defense Issues

DUI charges can have a serious impact on your career. If you are a licensed professional, a DUI conviction on your record may require you to face a professional disciplinary hearing and possible suspension or revocation of your license. I have experience fighting aggressively to find an alternative to a conviction.

Were You Charged With DWI While Visiting From Out Of Town?

Nashville is one of the leading destinations for conventions and professional conferences. If you were charged with DUI while visiting from out of town, I will handle your case discreetly, often without the need for you to return to town for additional hearings, depending upon your circumstances.

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I offer a free consultation without worrying about how much time we spend or what the cost to my law firm will be. Understanding your objectives and making sure we are working together toward the best possible outcome are critical to a successful relationship.

My office hours are generally 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., but do not hesitate to call anytime to leave a message if I am not available. Call my toll-free number 800-785-9546, or use the convenient email contact form to request an initial free consultation. If your circumstances do not allow you to come to my office in Nashville, I can meet with you at your location.